Building Automation

Instrumentation is the group of technologies behind measuring, monitoring, and controlling things. We at Yuko-Keiso are committed to creating the optimum environments to our clients through quality instrumentation.

  • Air Conditioning Control Systems
    We offer systems that monitor the internal environment of a building as well as the operational status of the air conditioning system, ensuring that the air is comfortable and optimally adjusted for that particular building.

    This is the "nervous system" of a building, capable of getting feedback from and responding with the "limbs" of the system.

  • Central Monitoring System
    The Central Monitoring System works by gathering information from throughout the building into one central location, and comprehensively and efficiently monitoring that information.

    It is like the "brain" of the building in that it is responsible for assimilating information and issuing decisions.

  • Security System
    This system ensures security by combining the monitoring of the movement of people in a building, namely by monitoring room entry and exit, the presence of people in a room, and detection of trespassing.

    This system functions as the "eyes" of a building, capable of detecting illegal entry.

We fulfill the needs of clients who want to make the environments in their buildings better by bringing to bear a wealth of knowledge and the latest technological developments in the areas of air management, electricity, disaster prevention, crime prevention, and other building automation technologies.

Our Business Cycle

From Our Origins to Our Future

What We Offer

All of our employees have the benefit of knowledge and experience gained over more than half a century, and they also possess the will and desire to take on new challenges. With this team, we can offer high-tech and forward thinking solutions rooted in our collective experience of having developed such advanced technologies through the creation of systems for a multitude of high-rise buildings and other large-scale facilities.

  • For Builders
    Yuko-Keiso offers comprehensive building services, including everything from planning and design to system creation, construction management, test operations, calibration/adjustment, and maintenance. We have an extensive track record for both new and renovated properties. Relying on those experiences, we can bring to bear our experience to offer you systems that meet your desired level of quality, schedule, and cost needs. Our rigorous system for construction management is led by a dedicated safety control officer and a quality control officer. This service has been highly-received among our clients.
  • For Building Owners
    We firmly believe that making the air conditioning of the inside of a building comfortable and optimum not only contributes to the productivity of those who use the building but also to the asset value of that building. In terms of maintenance, we propose solutions not just for everyday, routine upkeep, but also steps to take for improving maintenance to accommodate changes in usage and environment. There is nothing that can be done about the degradation of building facilities due to age, but as a means to ascertain the degree of necessity or proper timing for refurbishments, we also accept contracts for diagnostics services covering deterioration, degradation, etc. of buildings.
  • For Building Managers
    Not only can we plan and implement preventative maintenance schedules according to equipment service life, we can also offer a wide range of renovation and energy-saving solutions for clients looking to add comfort, save electricity, and/or reduce carbon emissions in the properties that they manage. With these and other solutions, we can help our property management clients to optimize management costs, help them to streamline quality control, and propose rational renovation projects. In doing so, we offer the kind of assistance that property management companies want and need. We assist property management companies in their attempts to meet the diverse needs of building owners.