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The "straightforward approach" to save energy!
New-generation building energy saving consulting service

Create energy management rules and manage energy based on it. This is the "straightforward approach" to save energy as defined by the Act on the Rational Use of Energy in Japan.
With the fusion of human know-how and AI, the "straightforward approach" to save energy, which has been difficult to achieve, will be thoroughly and reliably realized. Furthermore, we will evaluate and enhance the operational status every year to continuously spiral up and increase the energy-saving effect. We aim to reduce costs by 20% compared to before the introduction of the system.

System configuration
[AI automatically operates Building Management System(BMS)]


SeeVAS can improve the energy efficiency in
your building! Energy-saving elements of buildings SeeVAS focuses on this!

Differences in energy saving methods


Conventional energy saving is a method that relies on the morals and patience of the person staying in the room such as changing the temperature setting of the air conditioner and turning off the lights diligently, introducing LED lighting and the latest high-efficiency equipment, and introducing renewable energy such as solar power generation.
The SeeVAS energy-saving method stands out from conventional ones.
SeeVAS saves energy in two ways: ①reducing energy loss by improving the operation method of existing equipment, and ②changing air conditioning settings while maintaining comfortability.

① Reduction of energy loss by improving the operation method of

Energy loss from supply to consumption


SeeVAS focuses on the energy loss from the time energy is supplied to a building until it is actually consumed. We improve the operation method of equipment and aim to minimize the energy loss that inevitably occurs when energy is transported and converted.
The AI unit focuses especially on air conditioning systems. For heat source machine, the AI unit calculates the most efficient equipment and the most efficient operation method every hour. It automatically operates the equipment to improve the operational efficiency of the entire air conditioning system.
In general, when a building is handed over, the equipment is set up for the maximum load, which can lead to unnecessary operation. SeeVAS changes the device settings according to the current operating conditions and perform eco-tuning with the aim of achieving a large energy-saving effect.

② Change air conditioning settings without compromising

Our expert engineers create the rules for the air conditioning settings, and the AI unit operates according to them. In addition, the AI unit learns the preferred air conditioning temperature of the person staying in the room, so a space is created that is friendly to the environment and people as it is operated.

We will provide operation
and support service

The greatest feature of SeeVAS is that our experts and the AI unit work together as a service team.
Our expert staff will create energy management rules, analyse various information, and develop plans for operational improvements. AI unit ensures that energy management reflecting the plan is continued, forming the "PDCA cycle" that repeats planning, execution, inspection, evaluation, and improvement.The effect is continuously improved while spiraling up.
In addition, we will periodically report on the status of energy saving and propose future energy saving measures. As your general energy-saving consultant, we will also offer support on the introduction of other equipment, how to use the data from BMS and so on.