What is SeeVAS

“SeeVAS“ Building energy saving consulting service

SeeVAS is a building energy saving consulting service to create energy management rules and control energy by using AI units. With a combination of our advanced energy-saving knowledge and AI unit, we aim to reduce energy costs by 20% compared to before the introduction of the service.

For who?

SeeVAS is effective for larger buildings, approximately 10,000 square meters or more such as in hospitals, hotels, office buildings, commercial facilities, and factories.

How you can save energy

SeeVAS focuses on improving the energy efficiency of buildings!

Differences from conventional energy conservation methods

Conventional energy conservation requires costly measures such as the introduction of high-efficiency equipment and renewable energy, or simply forces workers into stressful work environment to save energy.

The SeeVAS energy-saving method stands out from conventional ones as it saves energy in two ways: ①reducing energy consumption by improving the operation method of existing equipment, and ②utilizing AI unit to adjust air-conditioner settings.

① Reduction of the energy use by improving the operation method of equipment

Energy loss in a supply system

SeeVAS focuses on reducing the inevitable energy losses that occur when energy is converted by improving the operation method of equipment.

The AI unit focuses especially on heat source system. For heat source machine, the AI unit calculates the most efficient equipment and operation method every hour. It automatically operates the equipment to improve the operational efficiency of the entire heat source system.
In general, when a building is handed over to building owner from constructors, the equipment is set up for the maximum load, which can lead to unnecessary operation. SeeVAS changes the device settings according to the current operating conditions and performs eco-tuning to achieve large energy savings.

② Change air conditioning settings without compromising comfortability

Our expert engineers create the rules for the air conditioning settings, and the AI unit operates according to them. In addition, the AI unit learns the preferred air conditioning settings of the person staying in the room to provide the environmentally as well as people friendly space.

System configuration

Customer support

The greatest feature of SeeVAS is that our experts and the AI unit work together as a team.
Our energy-saving experts analyze various information and develop energy management rules and the AI unit carries out the rules as programmed. Yuko-Keiso will continuously improve the effectiveness of the service by repeating the cycles of planning, execution, inspection, evaluation, and improvement.
In addition, we periodically report on the status of energy savings and propose future energy-saving measures. As your comprehensive energy-saving consultant, we will supporting considering the introduction of other equipment and how to utilize the data from the BMS (Building Management System) and so on.