Company Profile

Company name Yuko-Keiso Co., Ltd.
Established December 1963
Capital ¥100,000,000
Lines of business
  1. Designing, installation and maintenance of instrumentation systems and automatic control systems
  2. Designing, installation and maintenance of equipment for telecommunications, security, emergency, electricity and air-conditioning
  3. Sales of instrumentation devices and automatic control devices
  4. Architectural designing and supervision of building construction and consultation for facilities management
Board of directors
Representative Director Ryuzo Ota
Director Gen Ota
Takahiro Arakawa
Toshihide Sugawara
Sachiko Ota
Auditor Hidenori Yuhara
Sales ¥3,100,000,000(the term ended May 2022)
Number of employees 180
Permits by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Pipe construction(Toku-4)No.10191
Electric construction(Toku-4)No.10191
Electrical communication construction(Han-4)No.10191
Registered Architect’s office, Governor license of Tokyo Metropolitan
Temporary Service : permission number
Membership Japan Electrical Construction Association, Inc./Association of Japan Instrumentation Industry/Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan/Association of Building Engineering and Equipment/Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan/Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Associated banks Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Branch/MUFG Bank, Shinjuku Nishi Branch
  • Contact information

    [ Head office ] 2-8-8 Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0001 [ MAP ]
    General Affairs Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3231 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3492
    Accounting Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3231 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3492
    Planning Office TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3231 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3492
    Safety Management Office TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3233 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    Sales Promotion Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3220 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    Business Development Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3238 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3492
    Sales Department I TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3220 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    Sales Department II TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3261 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    Design Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3232 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    Engineering Department I TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3212 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    Engineering Department II TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3261 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    System Adjustment Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3263 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3496
    Operation Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3240 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3493
    International Projects Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3213 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3496
    Technology And Quality Management Office TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3268 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3492
    System Service Department TEL.+81-0(3)-5720-3213 / FAX.+81-0(3)-5720-3496
  • [ Tochigi Sales Office ]
    1538, Oaza tako, Kaminokawa-machi, Kawachi-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 329-0524 [ MAP ] TEL.+81-(0)285-53-5223/FAX.+81-(0)285-53-5117
  • [ Saitama Sales Office ]
    5F Ichigo Omiya Bldg., 2-81, Miya-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture 330-0802 [ MAP ] TEL.+81-(0)48-783-2308/FAX.+81-(0)48-783-2386
  • [ Yokohama Sales Office ]
    2F Hiyoshi Bldg., 6-66, Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0013 [ MAP ] TEL.+81-(0)45-662-0460/FAX.+81-(0)45-662-0461
  • [ Registered Architect's Office ]
    2-8-8 Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0001 TEL.+81-(0)3-5720-3213/FAX.+81-(0)3-5720-3496
  • [ Foreign subsidiary company ] Yuko Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    Floor 1, 2, No.3, Lane 62, Truc Khe Street, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam TEL.+84-(0)24-3724-6638 / FAX.+84-(0)24-3724-6638

valid as of June 2020